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Tile Effect Roofing Sheets

Tile Effect Roofing Sheets offer the perfect look for many types of properties. Here at Rhino Roofing Sheets, we take great pride in the quality of our tile effect roofing sheets, and aim to consistently deliver nothing but the best.

The Best Tile Effect Roofing Sheets

Our Tile Effect Roofing Sheets offer a lightweight, cost effective, easy to fit alternative to traditional roofing slate or clay tiles. When it comes to tile effect roofing sheets you needn't look anywhere else.

Tile Effect Profiles & Colours

Tile Effect Roofing Sheets have a profile that is 32mm deep. Each sheet is 0.55mm gauge and 300mm long, by 200mm wide. They are also available in a wide range of colours, some of which include; Juniper and Olive Green, Heritage and Moss Green, Ivy Green, Slate Blue, Merlin and slate Grey, Grey Alkyd, Goose wing Grey and much more. We are your number one choice for Tile Effect Roofing Sheets.

Do You Want Tile Effect Roofing Sheets?

If you live and would like more information about Tile Effect Roofing Sheets, call us today on 01675 462 692 and to speak to our sales team